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The work of these professionals who were always available, excited and dedicated to our party made it become an unforgettable success, full of joy. It was spectacular to see everyone, in fact, all the guests, including those who never dance and stay glued to their chairs, dancing and having fun.

These professionals are an added value because they offer several services. I chose the animation with a DJ and an entertainer. I also selected the children’s animation, which the kids loved as well as the parents. And lastly, I strongly recommend the release of led balloons. Believe that it makes the moment magic; everyone loved it!!

I recommend these professionals for those who want a fun and unique party!

Thank you.

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Dear Deluxe Events team,

We can say that Deluxe’s presence at our wedding was the perfect marriage between our plans and idealisations and your professionalism and quality. From the very first moment, there was enormous receptivity from your side to what we had thought out for our wedding party, with the choice of musical genres, songs… talk after talk came the choices for the high points and greater care in the planning of the festivities. You showed exemplary care to help us redraft our initial ideas.

During the wedding, your work was exceptional in keeping the party moving and maintaining the festive spirit running high. This is not just our opinion, but the overall feedback of our guests.

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Hi Deluxe,

We had to leave in writing an acknowledgement to the work of this great team of professionals of Deluxe Events who were always available, enthusiastic and dedicated for our party to be an unforgettable success and filled with joy. It was great to see all the guests dancing, singing and having fun. You were tireless with us.

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Everyone loved your work!

The assessment can only be very positive since besides being extremely friendly, you were unquestionably professional. So the assessment is EXCELLENT, or as is usually stated in the customer assessment questionnaires, “we are highly satisfied.”

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‘10 stars’ is the minimum I can say about your services.

The entire animation was much more than I ever dreamed of.

Thank you very much for your joy and contagious friendliness to all the guests who, from some comments I heard, will be in everyone’s memory. Good for you, too.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for being responsible for the animation of our great day.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful day you provided us at our wedding.

For your availability at all times, for the exchanged emails and always timely responses, for the organisation, for the help in moments of indecision, for the animation on our wedding day and above all, something we much appreciate, the joy with which you do your work.

For us, you were almost like guests who were having fun and not a company that we contracted for animation. That certainly leaves the bride and groom and their guests much more at ease.

And so, the party that takes months to be prepared ends precisely like we always dreamed.

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Good morning, I would like to thank you for making our day so special and memorable.

You were all flawless and tireless and, therefore, you deserve our acknowledgement and our greatest gratitude.

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I would like to thank Ruben Silva, who represents all of you, for the excellent technical work in the audiovisual media, which Deluxe Eventos has carried out with great professionalism at all our Medical Conferences in which it participates.

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You created, without any doubt, good moments of fun involving all the guests, from the youngest to the oldest. A professional and efficient service.

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For us, it would be impossible to not take the time to thank you and to make very clear to future brides and grooms your professionalism, your friendliness and your availability, your joy… At the end of the day there were many compliments to Deluxe from all the guests, who loved your energy! I want to thank you for your professionalism, friendliness, availability…

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The most amazing party animation ever! We loved the animation you did at our wedding! Everyone danced (even the least predictable) and all our guests said they were surprised!

A super special thanks for the good advice you gave us and above all for the time you had for us! All the guests loved it! This was the best reward for us and from what I know of you, for you too! 5 stars for you!

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